Engineering & CAD / CAM & Assembly Services


Precision Laser Services is in the business of making your part to your print. In order to do that as efficiently as possible, all production activity is designed by the engineering department and is organized in a production and inspection plan. Our engineers are committed to understanding your needs and your parts so that we can manufacture a part in the best possible manner. Improvement suggestions will be offered where appropriate and cost savings is always sought.


Precision Laser Services uses Solid Works and Espirit 3D modeling and programming software. This gives us the ability to use your existing CAD files to generate machine code. Some of the compatible formats we translate are: iges, step, dxf, dwg, stl, sldprt, prt, ipt, par, and others.

Assembly Services & Order Fulfillment

Precision Laser Manufacturing offers a full range of assembly services and does everything from kitting and bagging to large, complex assembly. This service can be as simple or as engineered as needed to give you the results you require. For more complex assemblies there are detailed instructions with quality checks and testing built right into the assembly process.