Our People

Meet The Team
Ed Ferrier

Ed Ferrier leads the team as the President and provides vision and direction.  With a degree in Management and Marketing he provides the big picture.  Daily duties include: functioning as the CFO, sales manager and marketing director, supervising a staff of seven direct reports.

Brian Peeper

Brian Peeper is our integrator and is responsible for all day-to-day operational decisions as well as scheduling and accountability. With a degree in supervision and over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing, he coordinates our scheduling, oversees execution and holds everyone responsible for the plan.

John Jennings
Engineering & Quality Manager

John Jennings is our engineering & quality manager and brings years of experience in fabrication and stamping.  He supervises the engineering and quality staff and is responsible for all process development, estimating, in-process control plans and programming.  

Crystal Howald
Finance/HR Manager

Crystal Howald is our finance & HR manager. She oversees all aspects of purchasing, accounting, inventory and human resources. With a degree in accounting and many years of purchasing experience, Crystal brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to making all the systems work together.

Jeff Ferrier
Government Contracts Manager / IT

Jeff Ferrier is responsible for our government contracts and oversees IT.  Jeff works closely with production and engineering to insure we are bringing quality product to the warfighter.

Jeff is also responsible for IT and our NIST 800-171 efforts.

Rich Wade

Rich is our engineer specializing in machining and turning; Rich has earned seven NIMS certifications in lathe and mill programming. He has also served as adjunct faculty at IVY Tech, teaching the next generation of machinists. With decades of experience, Rich is well qualified to support the manufacturing and continuous improvement process.

Mitch Mantle

Mitch Mantle is our engineer specializing in fabricating. Mitch is a former laser team leader as well as the fabrication foreman. Mitch brings over 25 years of fab experience to the job and nests all lasers and programs all forming.

Mona Mitchell
Customer Service

Mona Mitchell is customer service. Mona handles order entry, job creation, customer communication and all kinds of questions that come up when working to meet customer’s needs. Working closely with sales, scheduling, production and shipping; Mona bridges the gaps and helps facilitate communication of the customers need across PLS departments.