Markets We Serve

Precision Laser Services is proud to serve a variety of industries.  Some of the key markets we serve include:



Precision Laser Services is proud to be a supplier of weapons mounts, vehicular components and spare parts as well as war fighter support gear to the United States military. Both the manufacture of systems and the supply of service parts can all be economically produced using our state of the art equipment. Please contact one of our military project engineers for more information on our ability to supply your specific needs.



From our base in the heart of the Midwest, Precision Laser Services supplies a wide range of parts to heavy duty trucking and construction equipment manufacturers.  From low/medium volume fabricated parts requirements to high volume stamping, Precision Laser Services offers solutions tailored to fit the specific customer’s needs.


The industrial market requires a wide understanding of manufacturing and the ability to apply different technologies to each unique situation to provide the best solution. Precision Laser Services is uniquely qualified to do that with options ranging from the latest in laser and waterjet cutting, shearing and punching, machining, welding and coatings.



Located in the country’s largest RV manufacturing region, Precision Laser Manufacturing has a dedicated team for this fast moving market.  With local sales engineers in Northwest Indiana, we can provide solutions for these very innovative companies.  


Located in the boat making capital of the US, this is a natural market for us. Precision Laser Manufacturing has the ability to quickly design and supply components or assemblies for this fast moving market.  Stainless steels and aluminum are easily processed on our equipment.

Foodservice Equipment

Food grade stainless steel is easily process using our lasers and machining centers.  From fast food, to robotic drink dispensers, to high end dispensing equipment; Precision Laser Manufacturing has many years of experience in meeting the needs of this market with innovation and quality.  

Medical Equipment

Precision Laser Manufacturing has many customers that specialize in medical equipment.  Because of this we are able to offer material traceability, certifications and RoHs compliance for our customers who require this level of care.  Whatever your specific need, Precision Laser Manufacturing has the experience to help.


We typically serve what is called the “short line” market.  This is manufacturer’s that do not sell tractors and combines but make the other equipment needed in a farm operation.  This includes towable equipment, attachments, sprayers, livestock equipment, feeding equipment, grain handling and storage equipment, etc.  With both fabrication and machining capabilities, Precision Laser Manufacturing is uniquely qualified to produce these kinds of parts.  


From Commercial to consumer equipment, this market is a good fit for our technology.  Offering both fabrication and machining Precision Laser Manufacturing can offer these customers the best solution for their particular needs.  Our engineering staff works in conjuction with our customer to provide innovative, cost-effective parts for their needs.  

Power Generation/Distribution

From component parts to complete enclosures, Precision Laser Manufacturing has years of experience in the power generation and distribution market.  Our experience is both commercial and military providing: junction boxes, EMP protection, waterproof control enclosures, power storage and control cabinets as well as general brackets and wire guides.  We can custom make your part exactly to specifications, saving you money and improving performance.