Our History


Precision Laser Services began its life as Indiana Wire Die, after years of managing other people’s diamond die operations; Otis Ferrier started manufacturing for himself in the basement of his home in June of 1941. This initial effort quickly outgrew his basement and he moved into the unused upper floor of a local cigar maker. In short order he outgrew this space too, and built a building on Wallace Street that was to house the company for almost 50 years. During the Second World War, diamond dies were a critical item and it wasn’t unusual to see 90 hour work weeks in the payroll register back then. As the company grew, so did its use of technology. Otis invented much of the needed equipment, developing new and innovative ways to achieve better quality and improved efficiency. Swing machines, electric drills and wire machines were all developed during this time.


In 1965, Dale Ferrier assumed  control and led the company to its most successful years to date.  It was during 1972 that our first laser was purchased, reducing the hours needed for a primary production operation from 80 to 4.  This efficiency improvement allowed the company to triple its sales with the same number of people.  Shortly after this purchase, Raytheon began referring customers to us for laser job shop work.
During this time many odd and special projects were attempted; the development of supermarket scanners were helped with the pioneering aperture work we did during this time.  Mass spectroscopy was improved through our work with micron sized holes.  Cooling holes in jet turbine blades were experimented on, setting the foundation for all modern jet engines today.  The first ceramic cutting tool inserts were a project at this time.  Laser drilled baby-bottle nipples was a hot project until the FDA said no.  Laser processing of all types was new and the feasibility studies were plentiful during the 1970’s and early 80’s.


In the mid 1980’s it was clear that there was a strong market developing for laser cutting.  PLS took advantage of this trend by investing in laser cutting equipment.  Eventually the laser cutting market dwarfed the specialty drilling market and additional equipment was added to offer full service metal fabrication.  An ownership transition happened during this time as Ed Ferrier took over as president in 1995.  A growth plan was developed which led to more contract manufacturing and the addition of more production equipment.  Nearing the limits of the building’s capacity, material was moved outside during production hours to make room for the manufacturing and then moved back inside wherever it would fit at night.  A larger space was needed and fast.  

2000 – 2015

After trying to purchase neighboring buildings and failing, a move to our current location was completed in 2000.  This septupled our space and gave us the room to add additional services.  CNC Machining and Turning were quickly added to better satisfy the needs of our commercial and military customers at this time.  Certified welding and assembly quickly followed.


Precision Laser Manufacturing is a full-service metal parts fabricator with both lasers and CNC machining capabilities. We are continuing the philosophy began with our founder to innovate and improve and help customers meet their requirements with ever improving efficiency and service.

We aim to be a one-stop source for our customer’s metal parts needs. Whether you need quick-turn laser parts or complicated assemblies, Precision Laser Manufacturing is here to help. Operating as a partner with our customers, we are always looking for better, innovative, cost-effective ways to manufacture their needed parts.